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Whether you're an experienced job seeker or new to working with a recruiter, it's essential to partner with someone with genuine credentials. You're entrusting your career history and personal goals, so it's crucial to collaborate with an experienced, ethical, insightful professional who understands your field. 

Our mission is to empower you to share your experiences while we diligently uncover valuable insights from your background. When we have a job opportunity, we engage with candidates through a seamless 3-step process.

Recruiting Process at CNC
Establishing a Personal Connection 

 We start with an initial conversation, where we delve into your goals and aspirations. It is during this introductory discussion where we lay the foundation for a potential partnership and ensure alignment and expectations.

In-Depth Exploration

You'll receive a comprehensive job description, followed by a thorough interview, where we explore your career narrative. We dive into your skills, attributes, and goals, resulting in a career summary reflecting your past and highlighting your future potential.

Dedicated Advocacy

Once your career profile is submitted, we step into the role of your advocate. Guiding you through the interview process, we ensure you're well-informed, prepared, and supported at every juncture. Anticipate a partnership characterized by seamless advice, guidance, and communication.


CNC Search provides staffing services for marketing, media and technology positions for corporations, consulting firms, and agencies nationwide. 


Are you seeking a career advancement opportunity? We specialize in recruiting for the following roles: 

Analyst Relations
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing
Market Research
Public Relations
Account Management
Brand Strategy
Corporate &
Commercial Strategy
Internal & External Communications
Marketing Communications
Media Planning & Buying
Performance Marketing
Social Media

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