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New York Office

CNC Search provides staffing solutions for Marketing, Media, and Technology Companies

Working Together

Our proprietary approach starts with our ability to spot candidates capable of elevating teams and companies to new heights. We adhere to a selective and highly personalized recruitment process. We delve deep and closely examine the nuances beyond surface responses during interviews. 


We maintain close connections to our work, delivering a personalized and nurturing experience to candidates and clients. Our expertise encompasses various industries, including Technology, Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food/Beverage & Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Financial Services, allowing us to cater to diverse needs.

With over 20 years of experience in staffing, CNC understands the importance of truly understanding how to find and discern exceptional talent. 

About the Founder: 
Carin Nardone: A Strategic Recruiter with Extensive Staffing Expertise Across Marketing, Media, and Technology

As a trusted advisor, she bridges talent, brand, business, and culture, orchestrating solution-driven strategies to connect the ideal candidate with an organization.


Carin's meticulous approach and extensive professional network result in a highly customized and tailored strategy for each search. Her commitment to performance excellence, professional ethics, discretion, and confidentiality fosters enduring, trustworthy partnerships that assemble high-performing teams.

Carin Nardone

"Expertise in the executive search industry is measured by a recruiter's ability to match not only a candidate's skills to a position but also his or her personality to the particular culture of a firm. Carin's attention to detail and her ability to accurately assess the compatibility of job seekers and her corporate clients has made her an invaluable asset, saving time, energy and effort for all parties. In my considerable past experience with Carin, I have found her to be a trusted resource and have always been able to rely on her judgment and integrity."


Coleen Kuehn

 ~ Chief Business Solutions Officer

"Carin is the rare recruiting professional who not only cares about her clients, but is equally interested in the needs of her candidates. Her commitment to finding the 'perfect person for the position' is matched only by her desire to ensure that she is helping her candidates fulfill their personal and career goals."

Mark Zagorski


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