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Streamline Top-Tier Talent Acquisition with Our Proven Approach
Swiftly locating top-tier talent poses a common challenge for businesses, especially during rapid expansions where recruitment complexities can impede progress. Our mission extends beyond mere talent identification; we secure individuals who seamlessly align with your company, ensuring long-term retention.


Our approach, fortified by decades of experience and a network of seasoned professionals, combines established interview techniques and assessment methods. This enables us to quickly identify exceptional talent and build trusted relationships, backed by our reputation as the ones they respond to when we call.

We seamlessly integrate with your company's brand, amplifying opportunities and bolstering brand awareness and reputation. Our proficiency in quickly comprehending job requirements and specific needs enables prompt action. Our commitment to quality over quantity minimizes the need to sift through numerous resumes, underscoring a history of precise, time-efficient placements.


At CNC Search, we focus on the placement of individuals in organizations across all marketing disciplines. Our approach is thoughtful and efficient, leveraging best practices and trusted, long-standing industry relationships.

Analyst Relations
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing
& AI
Market Research
Public Relations
Account Management
Brand Strategy
Corporate &
Commercial Strategy
Marketing Technology &
Marketing Communications
Media Planning & Buying
Performance Marketing
Social Media
Working Together

At CNC Search, we provide a holistic recruitment approach beyond traditional 'source and present,' catering to companies seeking strategic hires while fostering a culture that attracts future talent. Our structured approach has proven successful:

  • Selection
    Reviewing resumes can be time consuming and may result in not being able to see the potential of your entire candidate pool, especially the passive job seekers. Likely the most important part of the process and the one that truly differentiates CNC, is our selection process. It takes a highly trained eye combined with insight and a bit of creativity, along with good instincts to find the ‘unicorn’.
  • Intake
    We initiate our partnership with a call to gain insights into why the role is open, its historical context, and its impact on short-term and long-term goals. This approach involves identifying the necessary skills and assessing for attitude, dedication, and grit to ensure the candidate's potential for future growth within your company.
  • Profile Sharing/Testing
    Upon agreement to work together, we share and test profiles to ensure we're aligned right from the beginning, assuring you that we're on the right track.
  • Communication & Feedback
    We maintain a continuous feedback loop throughout the interview process. You'll receive comprehensive career summaries accompanying each resume, showcasing that candidates have been rigorously evaluated using our signature interview methodology.
  • Facilitation
    In the role of facilitator, we maintain constant communication with your HR team or hiring lead, as well as the candidate, guiding every step of the process.
  • Brand Champion
    We serve as brand champions, immersing ourselves in your company's culture and values. This allows us to promote your organization with integrity and care, seamlessly aligning with your corporate mission and purpose.
  • Follow-Up
    After successfully placing a candidate, we support your team and the candidate, ensuring a smooth and positive onboarding experience.

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